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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is your home gym?
I do one-on-one training out of LockedN Fitness Gym. 648 Grassfield Parkway, Chesapeake, Virginia 23321
2. What is the difference between Virtual training and Online training?
Virtual training allows the client and the trainer to meet twice a week via video conferencing (zoom, facetime, google duo, etc). This is a great choice for individuals who cannot meet in person but still needs the in person accountability. Online training is a great option for indviduals who are looking for an individualized plan to help them achieve their goals. If you are able to workout on your own and stay consistent, online training might be the option for you!
3. When can I book my training service?
You must complete a consultation form PRIOR to booking. We will first discuss your goals, medical history, and training sessions. Once your information is confirmed then you can book the service online. 
4. Why should I do group training?


We all need accountability partners. Group training gives you an opportunity to train with like minded individuals and help hold each other accountable. It also allows individuals to share the cost which can make it more economical. 


5. What happens if I can’t make a training session?


Training sessions are able to be rescheduled within the training program time limit. If you purchased a 6 week program, it has to be rescheduled within that 6 week timeframe. *Extenuating circumstances will be addressed case by case.


6. What is MixxedFit?


MixxedFit is a people inspired fitness program that combines explosive dance movements with bodyweight toning. Guaranteed to have a good time and great sweat. 

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